GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an important law designed to ensure the security and privacy of personal data. In this guide, we will explain how a Ganesh ji ki Aarti website can be made GDPR compliant so that the data of the site users can be protected.

Privacy Policy
A privacy policy is a document that explains how a website collects, uses and protects user data. Here we have presented an example of a public privacy policy for a Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti website:

Example: privacy policy
Please read our privacy policy carefully before using our website

Data Collection: We may collect personal information such as name, email address, etc. when you login to our site or contact us.

Mode of Use: We will use your information only to provide our services to you and avoid any unauthorized use.

Data Security: We take the security of your information seriously and will only protect it in the necessary and secure manner.

Privacy Contact: If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or your information, please contact us.

Cookie Policy
The Cookie Policy explains how our website uses cookies and how you can control them.

Example: Cookies Policy
Our website may use cookies to help us provide you with a better experience. You can accept or reject cookies through browser settings.

user rights
With privacy, users have the right to take control of their data and respond to it. The User should receive full information on the use of his information on the Site.

contact information
In this series, we have presented a summary of the privacy and cookies policy. If you have any questions regarding this topic please contact us.

Thus, we have presented a detailed example of the pages required as per GDPR for a Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti website. Following these policies can ensure the security and privacy of the website users’ data.

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